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 Protect Your Investment

Your roof is what protects your home from the harsh elements of Colorado’s climate. Your roof serves as a barrier against snow, rain, hail and debris. If a roof is not in good shape, it can cause leaks, mold and mildew. Even the smallest of leaks can cause huge problems. It is important to have your roof assessed for potential problem areas and get them corrected.

At Custom Onside we take pride in our knowledge in roofing systems. Full replacements to minor repairs, we can handle all your homes roofing needs.

From the initial inspection to the final clean up, you will know exactly whats going on with your project. We go above and beyond to ensure that an experience with us, is one you will not forget.

The Process

Residential Roofing Process

Roof Replacement

Custom Onside will assess your roof to determine if a full replacement is needed. Typically, a roof will need to be replaced from weather damage, or old age. We offer an array of shingle options to fit your specific needs.

Roof Repair

In some cases, a full replacement of your roof wont be necessary. Our team can assess your roof and help you determine if just a repair or full replacement is needed.

Hail Damage

Hail storms are very common in Colorado. When a storm hits it can cause severe damage that can sometimes need immediate attention. We can perform temporary roof coverings to hold your roof over until it is replaced or repaired permanently. Check out our storm damage page for more info.


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