What to Look for When Choosing an Exterior Denver Colorado Paint Company

There are a multitude of Denver painting companies all claiming to be the best in the business – but how do you choose which one you’re going to fork your hard-earned cash over to? In this blog, we’re going to highlight the key things to look for when considering your next paint contractor in the Mile-High City.

Consider Reviews

Reviews are behind-the-scenes glances into a painting company’s reputation; if a company has garnered mainly negative reviews about the same issues, chances are they are real problems and not just complaints from disgruntled customers. Look for a painting company with a plethora of positive reviews and customer testimonials.

Pay Attention to Details

When choosing a Denver painting company, it’s important to take all aspects of the process into consideration rather than merely selecting the one that provides the lowest quote. To this end, once you have decided on a company, make sure to get a written contract and read over even the minutest of details; if something doesn’t seem right to you, inquire with the company to ensure the work is done properly and that you are protected if anything goes wrong.

Look for Insurance

Colorado paint contractors should boast at least $1 million of liability insurance and full worker’s compensation – take it from us when we say this is one area contractors look to cut corners. If a painting company doesn’t carry insurance, a $5,000 paint job could turn into a $250,000 medical bill.

The Customer Service Factor

How much time does your Colorado painter spend during their estimate sessions? Most companies will service between 400 to 500 homes during a summer season, for example, so the majority of company reps will be eager to provide a quick bid for 20 to 30 minutes and then leave. A quality company, like Custom Onside, will spend more time during the estimate to give you a detailed bid without any behind-the-scenes shenanigans

When balancing a choice between several contractors, you should also consider:

  • Do these companies typically arrive on time?
  • Do the employees come across as seasoned professionals?
  • Do they adhere to industry standards?
  • Do they offer a detailed workmanship warranty and contract?
  • Are they bound in their agreement to only collect final payment when you’re fully satisfied with the job?

The aforementioned factors are all important when selecting a Denver painting contractor. When you’re ready to experience exterior painting unrivaled in the whole metro Denver area, call Custom Onside at 720-513-4994.