Denver Roofing Companies: Why There are So Many of Them and How to Pick the Best One

The answer to the question of “why are there so many roofing businesses in Denver?” is, on its face, obvious: Denver is a metropolis, and like any other major city, there are going to be more than a few businesses to serve it, regardless of industry. The key is to know how these roofing contractors do business in Denver, whether it’s in reference to safety requirements or consumer protections, so you can be assured the company you pick won’t leave you disappointed.

Our work ethic here at Custom Onside focuses on Roofing Done Right, and as such, our experts are constantly remaining up-to-date on important elements in the roofing industry. Roofing in Denver has indeed changed over the years, and we make sure to always inform our customers what this means for them.

When it comes to picking a great roofing contractor in Denver, a few factors need to be taken into consideration, starting with the unfortunate fact that many roofing scams still permeate the local industry – even though a 2012 Colorado state law, known as the Consumer Protection/Residential Roofing Act, put into action several measures intended to deter would-be roofing scammers. The first thing you should be looking for when choosing a Denver roofing contractor is whether or not the company offers a detailed written contract, with details to include the following:

  • Information regarding your right, as a homeowner, to cancel the contract within 72 hours at no cost.
  • Information about the roofer’s liability coverage.
  • Direct contact information for the roofing company.
  • Data about the scope of the project, estimated costs and an estimated time frame to complete the project.

Moving beyond the contract, we recommend you stay local when choosing a roofer in Denver, as the nationwide chain companies are probably not as familiar with local rules and code regulations compared to a Colorado-based business. Choosing a Denver-based roofer ensures the work will satisfy Colorado building codes, to say nothing of the fact that local roofers are knowledgeable about the harsh environmental factors your roof will have to endure.

Additionally, one of the best ways to determine a Denver roofer’s quality of work is by scouring online reviews, as they can provide in-depth, unbiased, third-party insights regarding how a company deals with its clients and the level of service it offers. Check with Google, Facebook, The Better Business Bureau, HomeAdvisor and Yelp when you’re ready to begin your search.

There are many Denver roofing companies to choose from, but if you value an expert approach to hail damage repair and storm damage restoration, look no further than Custom Onside. Call 720-513-4994 for more information.

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