The Top Five Things to Know When Choosing Denver Roofing Companies

The Top Five Things to Know When Choosing Denver Roofing Companies

Residential roof replacement, in particular, is a big job, to say nothing about the investment. Before you crack open your wallet, you will want to make sure the roofing contractors in Denver you’re considering will deliver premium results that will stand the test of time. Still…how can you be sure the choice you made was the right one?

In this post, the roof installation and roof repair experts at Custom Onside will guide you through the top five things to look for when considering contractors in Denver, Colorado.

1. It’s Important to Check the Company’s License

You want to ensure the companies you are considering are not only legitimate, but that they can be trusted. The first factor to take into consideration is the license – ensure that the company has met the business license qualifications required at both the local and national levels before signing any documents.

2. Past Work – It’s More Important Than You’d Think

If the company you’re considering boasts a website, it is a good practice to check the feedback and reviews from previous clients. What are other homeowners saying about the company? What these people have to report about the service provider should be considered a valuable reference when it comes time to hire a company…or not.

3. Requesting Financial Agreement in Writing (and Project Details)

It is important to understand and have a written agreement on the financial terms and project details of your roofing project. Before you proceed with the plan, you should request a contract that clearly states who is responsible for what – warranties, the project duration, the types of materials to be used, specific equipment and tools, safety standards and the agreed cost, due dates and other important details should be included in the written agreement/contract

4. Neighbors Should be Trusted

If you go outside and take a quick look around, chances are you’ll see some great roofs in your own neighborhood. What’s stopping you from talking to those neighbors and letting them recommend a good contractor or two? Well, nothing should be stopping you. We are sure that these neighbors will be ready to help with any questions you may have about the types of roofs you should be considering, as well as the actual companies that you are thinking of hiring.

5. Comparing Rates

Price is not the most important deciding factor when hiring a roofing contractor, but it sure is something you need to take into consideration, being that most of us mere mortals have to live within a set budget. Make sure to do a few comparisons and take note of the candidates that are offering high-quality services at affordable prices.

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