How to Choose the Right Contractor

Sometimes it can be tough to determine which contractor to work with for your homes improvement needs. There are quite a few things to consider when choosing the best company for you. Here is a few things to consider.

Ensure the contractor is licensed and insured

Having a license and insurance demonstrates a contractor’s credibility and knowledge within their industry. To obtain a license, a contractor must take and exam, proving their understanding of the process and code requirements. Although, their are some trades that do not require a license. Such as painting.

Have a detailed contract in place before work begins

We have all heard the horror stories of a contractor stating the project will cost a certain price and then adding cost after the work begins. It is extremely important that a contract agreement is written up prior to work starting. A company that is detailed in their estimating process and written proposals tend to have less headache through the project. This will always save headache down the road.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!!!

Technology has come a long way in helping homeowners make the right chose for almost any decision. It is extremely important to take a look at a companies reviews before making a choice. This will give you an opportunity to see how other homeowners experiences were.

Go with your gut

We have all heard it before. “Go with your gut.” Depending on the project, a contractor will be around for 1 day or a few weeks and longer. You want to make sure you’re choosing someone that you trust.

Think Local

This past year has shown us how important it is to shop local. Companies that have been in the community and have a reputation are always the better choice.

At Custom Onside Roofing and Exteriors, we focus on providing the absolute best experience for the homeowner. We understand that not all projects are the same and we take a catered approach to ensure you are getting what you need.